Mini Steppers

Stair Stepper 330 lb Capacity, Workout Stepper Machine for Exercise at Home

Fat Burning & Plasticity

Our vertical climberis expertly designed for your home gym

Stair Climber For Enhanced Strength Training, Adjustable 5-Level Full-Body Exercise Stair Stepper Machine

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KitGody Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Electric Ellipse Leg Exerciser With Remote Control, Fully Assembled Seated Pedal Exerciser For Home

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  • Jolene A.

    I’ve wanted a stair stepper for a while now. They have definitely gone up in price over the years but this one seemed decently priced. I used it as soon as it arrived. Everything works perfectly and I love the added resistance arm pulls. It keeps track of my steps, calories burned and the time I’ve been on!

  • It's great, just don't have big feet like me!

    I like this product, my only complaint is that the pedals are a little too small when I'm wearing shoes.
    I can still use it though and it is a good workout! I feel the burn everytime I step on it!
    Good purchase if your looking for something quick and easy to work put on.

  • Small but great value

    This is perfect for my small bedroom. Very easy to assemble and use.
    The strips are also great added value for the workouts. It allows me not only to exercise my legs but also my arms.
    I am super happy with this steeper.

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